Connect to Subscription Platform
  • 09 Dec 2020
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Connect to Subscription Platform

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Article summary

RetentionEngine integrates with your subscription management provider to update customer accounts based on their cancellation experience. There are two steps to connecting your RetentionEngine to your Subscription Management Platform.

  1. Adding your API Key
  2. Adding the RetentionEngine Code Snippet to your site

Adding your API Key

Providing an API key allows the RetentionEngine to access vital customer information to ensure a flawless customer experience. For example, if a customer already has an active coupon/discount, the RetentionEngine will not show them Discount Cancel Resolutions, as this would cause an error. 

Additionally, the API Key allows the RetentionEngine to automatically update customer accounts with discounts, pauses, or cancellations.

Not sure where to find your API Key? Click your integration, and we'll help you out!

Adding the Code Snippet

For RetentionEngine to go live on your site, you will need to add the RetentionEngine Code Snippet. Do this by first copying the HTML snippet in the Retention Engine dashboard under the "Settings" tab. You will then paste the snippet into your application. 

Heads up!
Pasting this Code Snippet will make RetentionEngine live to your customers. Make sure your RetentionEngine is all set up before this final step by going through the Go Live Walkthrough!

Follow our step by step instructions on how to do this for each integration using the links below!

Need More Help? 

If you're having issues adding the Code Snippet, our team is happy to help! Follow these instructions to get us added to your Shopify.

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