Cratejoy API Key
  • 09 Dec 2020
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Cratejoy API Key

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What does the API Key do?

Adding your Cratejoy API key to the RetentionEngine Builder is the first step to connecting RetentionEngine to your Cratejoy store.

The API Key allows the RetentionEngine to automatically update customer accounts with discounts, pauses, or cancellations.

Please note: RetentionEngine only works for customers that manage their account on your website.

Your Cratejoy marketplace customers will not cancel through the RetentionEngine.

Generating an API Key in Cratejoy

Step One

Log in to your Cratejoy Dashboard at

Step Two

On the sidebar menu, navigate "Platform Settings" and select "API."

Cratejoy Dashboard API Key.png

Step Three

On the API screen, select the "Generate A New Key" button.

Cratejoy Generate New Key.png

You'll then see a pop up with the Client ID and Client Secret Key fields for your newly created API Key.

Cratejoy API Key fields

Paste API Key in the RetentionEngine Builder

We will now return to the RetentionEngine builder and paste the Client ID and Client Secret ID into the corresponding fields.

Step Four

Select Cratejoy as your billing system integration and paste the Client ID and Client Secret ID into the corresponding fields.

RE Builder Select Cratejoy.png

API Key Fields in RE Builder

Step Five

Once those fields are pasted, you're API Key has been added, and you can continue to the RetentionEngine Dashboard!

proceed to dash

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