Exit Survey Overview
  • 19 Nov 2021
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Exit Survey Overview

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Article summary

This article is an overview of the Exit Survey, including some examples to copy/use for inspiration.   

Make changes to your RetentionEngine Exit Survey in the default Experience tab inside the Edit screen.

Currently, we support one single-choice exit survey question. Does this exit survey not fit your needs/wants? Fill out our feature request form and help us prioritize new features. We'll also keep you updated as we roll out improvements.

The Header

The default header for the exit survey is "Why do you want to cancel your account?"

Other example headers

"Leaving so soon? Tell us why"

"We're sorry to see you go   . Help us understand the reason."

"We're sorry we didn't mean your expectations. Why are you canceling?"

The Responses

The responses allow customers to be segmented for cancel resolutions & Win-back efforts. Customers can choose one choice from the available responses or choose "other". If the customer selects "other", they will be prompted with a text box that requires a response to continue.

You can have 3-10 responses active at a time.

On the backend, each response has a specific ID. If you edit the text on one of the responses, that changes the text, but not the ID. 

The original text will be replaced in the "Top Reasons For Cancel" chart, and on the list of Cancel Reasons linked to each offer. The ID itself will remain the same. 

‼️ You don't want to edit the text on a response if the new response is significantly different from the original (assuming you have experiences linked to that reason ID). The edit text feature is primarily for fixing typos or changing the text for reasons with no associated experiences (meaning a customer has not yet selected it). 

The order of the responses will be randomized for each user. This will ensure the most accurate reporting. 

Example Responses

Cost-Related Responses
The most common cancellation reason is typically associated with cost.

  • Not Worth The Price
  • It's Too Expensive
  • I LOVE It, But Can't Afford It Right Now
  • This doesn't currently fit into my budget.
  • Low on money, honey!
  • Facing budget issues

Product-Related Responses

  • Too Much Product
  • I have way more than I need
  • I wish the product was more durable
  • The product didn't fit my needs
  • I didn't like the product/snacks/items/etc
  • The product is missing essential features
  • I don't like the product

Support-Related Responses

  • I wanted more directions from the team
  • Poor Customer Support
  • I didn't' understand how to use the product

Experience-Related Responses

  • I Don't Feel Immersed In The Community
  • Unable to meet my goals with the product
  • Poor Unboxing Experience

Shipping-Related Responses

  • Issues with Shipping
  • I expected to receive the product sooner
  • Still haven't received my last shipment

Other Responses

  • I am upgrading/downgrading my subscription
  • I bought it as a gift
  • I was not expecting it to renew
  • I found a different product/service
  • The "Monthly" Concept Does Not Fit My Needs
  • Canceling due to COVID-19
  • I only subscribed to receive the discount. I never intended to renew.


How are the responses integrated with my subscription management platform?


Cratejoy uses cancel reason codes that are fixed, and we don't currently map to those. So, after switching to the RetentionEngine, every cancellation reason will be reported as "Other" with a note "Cancelled by BW RE".

ReCharge/Bold Commerce

ReCharge & BoldCommerce allows text for the reason. So, the cancellation reason will be the exact text of the response in the RetentionEnigne. There will also be a note listed as "Cancelled by BW RE"

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